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Jeff Witt & Matt Kohut - busy day showcasing Lenovo's newest products at CES


Matt Kohut is a competitive analyst and Lenovo products guru.  We see him here in the community from time to time when he's not talking with clients in the Lenovo briefing center, traveling the world, or chasing tornados.  You can follow him on his blog, inside the box.  He's been busy gearing up for CES, which explains why his last entry was Dec 22 - I'm sure he'll have tons to share once he catches his breath.


Those who review Lenovo products are probably familiar with Jeff and his team.  I love stopping by their lab and seeing all the newest Lenovo systems that have just arrived and are getting ready to go out for reviews.  Jeff's team has to have one of the best jobs in the company - working with the newest and most innovative products every day - from  slates and tablets to all in one touchscreens, workstations, and servers - they get to experience them all.



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