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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-30, 0:40 AM

i wonder what sort of material is used for making the B10, the laptop doesn't look very thin. Wouldn't mind a ultra light 15.6 laptop or 17 inch laptop for that matter.

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Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-30, 1:50 AM

I received enough complaints from employees when computers went widescreen, but what could I do? Now they are making them wider again to save money. I don't know how it saves money though. A 14" 1600xXXX resolution display is not going to be used for televisions, so how does cutting them to 16:9 format save costs for anyone (other than charging the same for a smaller display)?


If the new T series will only have 16:9 options, I will be looking elsewhere for notebooks.


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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-30, 2:28 AM

I currently have an X301, and the screen there is 16:10 (or for those who like reduced fractions, 8:5). I already find I have to play tricks putting the windows tray to the side and using browsers with the top address etc. bar hidden to have a tall enough screen, and like most all on this forum hope that the 420s will be offered with (at least) a 16:10 screen rather than (only) 16:9.


That is about ideal, though, given the difficulty of getting out of economy seating these days!




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Docking station for T420 and T520; Titanium as an material for production of T series

2011-01-30, 9:34 AM

I would like to know one fact about T520 and T420. Does anyone know anything about material that T520 and T420 will be produced? Is it magnesium, titanium or some other material? Thank you in advance.

I have read on a website that T420 has docking station as an additional option. Is it true? Does anybody know?


Furthermore, I would like to like to know if T540 also has docking station as an additional option.


Please answer, I am eager to know the real facts.


Thanks a lot!!!!!!


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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-30, 11:49 AM


Well, if the people in economics told you that 16:9 displays are more economic than staying with the 16:10 ones, then either they didn't do the math correctly or else we're expected to see a T420s with a even worse display bezel than the T410s.


Let's assume they changed the measurements of the chassis:

The actual displays might be cheaper, but then you've got to consider the spares parts, which will again only fit the new series and can't be reused for the older models. So again new spares which have to be kept in the warehouses for the service people at least 5 years and more.

Since Lenovo has taken over the Thinkpads, the same spares can be used at most for 2 series at once (in very rare cases maybe 3).

With the models from IBM, for example the T4x and the T2x some of the spares can be used in up to 4 series.

So changing again from 16:10 with a different chassis would raise the maintenance cost even more. (I assume they already skyrocked because of all those changes.)


Let's assume they didn't change the measurements of the chassis:

Well, in that case all hope might be lost, because the size of the display bezel would be even worse than with the actual 16:10 models and it wouldn't give the user any advantage except for more pixels in width, which comes at the cost of smaller pixels in total.



But worst of all, I don't see any advantages of 16:9 in the office at all:

- Word: Needs more pixel in height.

- Excel: Needs more pixel in height.

- Browsing: Needs more pixel in height.

- Visual Studio: Is fine with 16:10, but with developing WPF apps I definitively need more pixel in height.

- ...


Unless you count "Watching Movies" as an work activity, there's really no advantage of 16:9 displays.

Now, a T420s with a 1680x1050 display, that would be something... *dreaming*


Regards, Moskito


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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-30, 15:48 PM

Moskito, I know that your disappointed about the 16:9 display. Lenovo must have a good reason for switching the displays. They are a business and wouldnt do it just to piss their customers off. When Lenovo does their numbers they must come out financially ahead. They may have realized that after the reviews of the previous thinkpads that the display was one of the weak points of their system. They may not be able to source high quality displays at the 16:10 resolution and therefore had to go for a 16:9. We just do not know, complaining about it is not going to change it.



I was going to post a link related to Lenovo Rapid Drive technology on the Ideapad, but they removed the link :( It seems the rapid drive will be either in 32Gb or 64 Gb SSD. It will be set up so that the SSD and HDD are one hard drive. Wish I had the link.



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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-30, 16:12 PM

To my knowledge it's all about panel manufacturers maximizing profits by cutting more panels per large sheet of glass. And also given the increasingly market demand (read HDTV) for wider panels, they have no option but following the trend.


Just stumbled on http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/BringBack43Laptops/


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Re: It's time for a T520s

2011-01-30, 22:09 PM

funny chx, i thought about the T520s as well.


For me, it would be a way to escape the vertical pixel loss.


If the machine does not weigh much more than the T420s i would go for it.


best wishes





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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-31, 15:55 PM

I too support options.


In 2005, T31p had a 1600x1200 display, and I jumped at it.

When T500 came out in Q4 2007, I balked, I thought I was due for an upgraded laptop?!

I went to the W500 with  the1920x1200 resolution.

Now the W510, T520, T420 are all due to be sub-par!

This saves Lenovo cost, and gives me reason to shop elsewhere.


Cost is cost.  Let the customer pay for it as an option, if willing.  I want to see a QXGA 2048x1536 Lenovo option,

certainly at least a 4 year old standard 1920x1200 resolution.


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Re: T420S? can't wait for it? when?!

2011-01-31, 16:48 PM

I agree -- I think there is still a significant (mostly business) community which can afford the tools that make the work move more quickly. It is not hard to make the calculation for a fully-loaded salary in the denominator, the cost of a very fine laptop in the numerator, and see that the very small additional cost for a key person will make a significant difference in the productivity of that person.



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