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CES 2012 Trend Spotlight: Ultrabooks and Hybrids

Ultrabook and hybrid - a pre CES blog post from Lenovo's Luis Hernandes:

 CES 2012 Trend Spotlight: Ultrabooks and Hybrids


Master inventor of the Thinkpad X1 Hybrid takes you behind the design of its nifty dual OS :

ThinkPad X1 Hybrid : Behind the design



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Re: CES 2012 Trend Spotlight: Ultrabooks and Hybrids

Hi all

Perhaps, when Windows 8 is released, X1 Hybrid or future hybrid dual-CPU machines should have switchable dual-CPU, building more advanced technology. (not sure whether ARM and x86-x64 OS are compatible though). Just an idea, not sure would it be possible. Smiley Very Happy


- Battery Stretch (*ThinkPad): Using Qualcomm cpu only with lockdown to lowest clock speed.

- Power Saver: Using Qualcomm cpu with adaptive power

- Balanced: Using Intel cpu with adaptive power

- High / Max Performance: Using both Intel and Qualcomm cpu with adaptive power. 


This idea is similar to Nvidia Optimus Graphics. (They could also specify which process to run with which CPU, Intel High Perf or Qualcomm) Just like running processes with High Performance NVIDIA Graphics or Intel iGPU. This would result with better power management with more power. (e.g. Qualcomm handling OS, Intel CPU handling some specific intensive task). However, this may causes higher power consumption when running full load on both CPU.


Hopefully, 2012 would be a better year for all of you! :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: CES 2012 Trend Spotlight: Ultrabooks and Hybrids

Pics from the X1H, the thinnest ThinkPad yet! Two hearts (CPU´s) and two brains (Operating Systems).


Front: k-SA500005.JPG


From the right: 



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