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Paper Tape
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Lenovo's Ultrabook Direction



I decided to register on this forum to voice my opinion on Lenovo's current ultrabook offerings. To me, the most memorable product was the U300s which was thin and light (1.4kg) and therefore worthy of the ULTRABOOK name. However, the U300s was poorly marketed (it didn't reach well into many markets for some reason). The ultrabooks that followed i.e. U310, S300 (coming) are disappointing to say the least.


I mean common, why is the weight increasing?! From U300s' 1.4kg to 1.7/1.8kg?! I was really looking forward to the new ultrabooks after the U300s because I thought it was a really great product which had alot of potential for the future line up of Lenovo ultrabooks. Unfortunately, Lenovo went for heavier and cheaper designs. I think this is a very wrong direction to take. You can't keep selling just based on price point. It's a never ending losing battle. Just look at Apple, design a good product and sales will follow!


I do hope to see LIGHTER and therefore REAL ULTRABOOKs in Lenovo's future lineup Smiley Happy


Just my 2 cents


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Re: Lenovo's Ultrabook Direction



Thanks for your feedback - I'm glad to see that there are some individuals who express that they are willing to pay a bit more to get a superior product rather than one built for volume.   I'd like to think we have products for many different segments, and will admit that I'm most intrigued by our products the push the envelope a bit.


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