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The New ThinkPad Edge S430 - Style & Substance to Succeed!

2012-01-12, 15:40 PM



everyone was asking here for machines equipped with Thunderbolt technology. Here it comes:


The new Thinkad Edge S430!


This striking laptop in Mocha Black measures less than one-inch thin and has metal accents, a soft-touch finish encased in an elegant thin and light design.






The 14-inch laptop also comes packed with the features SMBs need to succeed with choices of the latest Intel Core processors, a DVD burner or a second hard drive for up to 1 TB of storage, choices of Intel integrated or NVIDIA Optimus graphics, Dolby Home Theatre v4, USB 3.0 ports and Intel Thunderbolt™ Technology. With Thunderbolt™, users can transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds and backup a year of continuous MP3 playback in just over 10 minutes.


The laptop also comes with Lenovo Solution Center powered by Intel Small Business Advantage, a set of productivity and security tools helping to enable overnight energy savings and automatic patch updates.


This photo shows a Edge S430 while streaming 4 HD videos, thanks to Thunderbolt!




The ThinkPad Edge S430 laptop will be available in June in select markets. Pricing for models starts at approximately $749 for the ThinkPad S430 laptop.


See the product tour also!



Best regards 





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Re: The New ThinkPad Edge S430 - Style & Substance to Succeed!

2012-02-06, 23:04 PM

More info on the Thinkpad Edge S430! The generic target market is "SMB," but what does "pro/business-class" actually mean about its target performance? Does that mean high-res conference calls? Or Cad modeling/rendering?


What is the concept behind the line...is the new S line slated to finally be the Edge counterpart/equal of the classic T series as a premium performance machine(in terms of raw power)?


The thunderbolt port is a nice addition...are there plans for thunderbolt display/port hubs and docking stations from lenovo?


And really, what's with the wide, glossy bezel instead of a clean, thin, (somewhat)edge-to-edge display with a matte bezel?  (i know the screen is going to be offered in matte)


Thank you!


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Re: The New ThinkPad Edge S430 - Style & Substance to Succeed!

2012-02-16, 12:26 PM

I too am wondering about whether a Thunderbolt Dock will be following suit.


Also is the QuadHD actually implemented on Ivy Bridge?  Not that I have a QuadHD monitor but just in case I buy one in the next 3 years...


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The bad keyboard destroys the Thinkpad brand -- a tragedy after 20 years

2012-03-04, 21:22 PM

The talk about Edge being for SMB (small-medium businesses) is laughable because the keyboard is purely for teenagers. The switch of Function keys to be media player keys is simply a really bad joke. bait-and-switch for business users. 


Lenovo had a chance to correct the keyboard disaster of the E420/520, but it's not doing even the simplest fix (to Function keys), so Edge continues to be worthless as a business laptop.


It doesn't matter that the BIOS allows the function key actions to be changed because that still leaves the keycaps totally WRONG. In any but the brightest light it's impossible to see the tiny dark-red F key labels. We've had to use a label maker to add an ugly label strip above the keys. Of course we explain to business colleagues that it's necessary due to Lenovo's clueless design.


It's not just Function keys; where are the Pause, Scroll, Break, etc, keys -- probably the functions are available via mysterious key combinations, but where are the key labels? And don't even mention the bizarre relocation of several keys.


It's obvious Edge is a very cheap ThinkPad, for a  budget buyer. But that does NOT mean the intended SMB user doesn't need to use the same software and do the same tasks as anyone else in the company.


To a ThinkPad user, the keyboard IS THE COMPUTER. There are plenty of laptops that cost less and provide more (notable Acer), so the ony reason to spend more for a ThinkPad is to get the Trackpoint in a classic, brand-consistent keyboard layout. Except, Edge abandons this fundamental value -- and thinks users won't notice or care?


Edge is impossible to mix into a business that also has or had other ThinkPad models -- those with the classic keybaord that made the ThinkPad reputation . Give such users an Edge and they start screaming in about 10 seconds (we tried, we tried). 


Does Lenovo think Edge is only for hunt-and-peck typists who don't care where keys are located? Then what is the justification for the Trackpoint, which is ONLY of value to touch typists? (One of our users, a Chinese native, thinks maybe this is really a keyboard for the complex Chinese language, with brain-dead relabeling of keys but not at all a true English language ThinkPad.)


Lenovo needs to decide who buys ThinkPads. The brand has meant something for 20 years (which is why my company standardized on IBM ThinkPads 20 years ago), but Edge completely distorts what a ThinkPad is. No true brand manager should allow this travesty. It's fine to make a cheaper ThinkPad, less rugged, no screen latch, etc. Just make clear that it  is a "budget" ThinkPad. But MAKE SURE IT IS ACTUALLY A THINKPAD.


Instead, it's an imitation, a ThinkPad in name only.  But this can only hurt the brand.


To toss away the classic ThinkPad keyboard, move stuff around so it's really difficult to type, goof up key assignments and labels so it's even more difficult to figure out what to press, and explicitly set up the laptop to be a giant media player, makes crystal clear that Lenovo does NOT believe this is a computer for business. So stop making this idiotic claim.




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Re: The New ThinkPad Edge S430 - Style & Substance to Succeed!

2012-03-24, 23:13 PM

Boy, wish ports were on the left side instead of the right. Some of us like to put a mouse on the right side of our laptop and the wires sticking out are in the way.


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Re: The New ThinkPad Edge S430 - Style & Substance to Succeed!

2012-06-01, 3:12 AM

So when is this laptop coming? It still says coming in June but I heard rumors it was not going to be sold?


I want it to replace my T61. 

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