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Lenovo Technology Partner
Posts: 139
Registered: ‎11-13-2008
Location: Scotland

Re: The new T430u - Ultrabook That’s All Business!



I hope that we will have an option to use the old well known keyboard. Chiclet might be nice. But as a business user I don't like too much playing around with well proven things.

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Registered: ‎12-04-2009
Location: Boston
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Re: The new T430u - Ultrabook That’s All Business!

[ Edited ]

Let me get this straight, the upcoming ThinkPad Edge will have a Thunderbolt connector...but the ThinkPad T430u will not??!


Lenovo, if you're going to make the ThinkPad T series your top of the line model, you MUST make Thunderbolt connector an option or standard connector.  USB 3.0 is good but not as fast as Thunderbolt.  Now that's speedy business.

Serial Port
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Registered: ‎08-24-2010
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Re: The new T430u - Ultrabook That’s All Business!

i find it interesting that the person that introduced this laptop flat out stated that the display is not upgradable to 1600 by 900....what are the engineers thinking of..................