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CES 2017: How augmented reality will change your life

With CES 2017 finally being over, we learned that there are finally ways we can utilize augmented reality in our daily lives. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro was the first phone to be released with Project Tango, and it was clear it was the first. There was no real use for the phone, and its release was thereby disappointing.


I believe the questions many people were having were:

  • "Okay, I got my phone with Project Tango, now what do I do?"
  • "How could I possibly use this?"
  • "Do I have to play Pokemon Go?"


Let's stop all the negativity right here and right now. At CES 2017, I learned a few good ways how to properly make use of Project Tango in our daily lives.





Lowe's is the first retail store to start selling the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro this year, and for good reason. If you somehow cannot make it to the Lowe's store and you are interested in buying new furniture. Why don't you download their app and start putting their furniture in an augmented reality in your home. Move around the furniture and try to get a good spot in your house. Maybe you can even see if those colors actually match too.

The thing is, retail stores don't want you to quit their store and go home to think about it or maybe go compare their furniture with what's available in other stores. Now if you were to use the app from Lowe's you would probably have already made your decision as soon as you start driving to their store, right?


And honestly, who wouldn't want to use this. Jokes aside, don't buy a Phab 2 Pro for your wife, or you may just find yourself having an empty bank account.



Museum Of The Bible

Museum Of The Bible is the first museum in the world that will be buying the Phab 2 Pro. It will be used to give its visitors the most amazing tour they ever had.


Having fun

Aside from all the practical things above. You can of course play around with the demonstration applications and put political figures like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in your house and make them dance.







I personally can't wait to see what Project Tango has to offer in the future. It will be a game changer!

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider - Windows Insider MVP

Personal website: ThinkScopes

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