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[LARGE IMAGES] ThinkPad Yoga 370 Photos

Below are some of Lenovo's TP Yoga 370 photos.  Those of you scandalized (or -ised) by the idea of a silver ThinkPad may  want to look away Smiley Wink  It will be available in black Smiley Happy

 06_YOGA370_Hero Shot_Front_forward_facing_Win_10_screen-fill_Silver.png07_YOGA370_Hero _Shot_Birdseye_B_C_cover_Scenery_screen-fill_Silver.png

02_YOGA370_Hero Shot_Stand_Mode_Web_browser_screen_fill_Silver.png

01_YOGA370_Hero Shot_Front_facing_left_Outlook_screen-fill_Silver.png


03_YOGA370_Hero Shot_Tent_Mode_PPT_screen-fill_Silver.png

04_YOGA370_Hero ShotTablet_Mode_Scenery_screen-fill_Silver.png

05_YOGA370_Hero Shot_Right_side_profile_Screen_flat_Silver.png





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