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Re: ThinkPad 2018 ThinkPad Portfolio

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Re: ThinkPad 2018 ThinkPad Portfolio

The spec sheet for the 2018 Thinkpad 10 have been released. My thoughts.


What I like -

  1. The low power CPU - although I think the N5000 would have been better.
  2. No fans!!
  3. Two USB ports and one HDMI - Take that Miix 630!
  4. Resolution - 1920x1200; 1920x1280 would have been nicer, but this is perfectly ok too.
  5. LTE - hopefully it is readily available everywhere
  6. 4/8GB of memory - plenty enough for the mid range target customers.
  7. The weight!!
  8. Size - although this is the absolute limit I think for professionals who want a mobile "Work" tablet.


What I don't like so much

  1. 10.1 inch Screen - Given that the other current tablets, the X1 and 720 are both $1,200 any up. For mid range professionals this is a bit too small I think. 10.6 or 10.8 would have been great! The Mix 630, should have been 10.1!
  2. 128GB cap on the storage. Other professionals I'm sure would want more. It is a Thinkpad after all.
  3. N4100 Celeron CPU; This is adequate. It's much better than the Atom and not as powerful as the i chips. So you get a lower cost tablet option for professionals. What I would suggest is dropping the N4000 and adding the N5000. So the options would be Celeron N4100 and Pentium N5000 and leave out the dual core N4000. The N5000 should bring parity with the Core m CPUs previously used. It is the same wattage as the N4100, but brings a more powerful GPU and a higher maximum clock speed for CPU and GPU. All with no FANS! so you retain your fan hating customers, while giving them a relatively powerful option.


What I really don't like

  1. eMMC storage. Even though it is eMMC 5.1 which is supposed to be capable of 400Mbps. The Celeron chipset in use here supports SATA3, which is 600Mbps. So I believe Lenovo could have used an m.2 flash SATA drive like the Miix devices.



I'll probably still get one, depending on the price. Why?

  1. No fans.
  2. Cheaper than the X1 or Miix 720 that I would really really love to have. So I'll settle.
  3. I used to have a 10.1 inch tablet before the Miix 700 I currently have, so I could get reaquanted with the limitations.
  4. 128GB is half of what my Miix has but it would suffice.
  5. Miix 700s are getting hard to find.
  6. The Miix 630, has one USB port and cost too much.


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