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Lenovo YOGA 5G or Flex 5G

Introducing the Lenovo YOGA 5G or for our friends in North America, the Flex 5G


  • World’s first 5G PC – ultra-portable 2-in-1 laptop satisfies users’ need for speed with ultra-fast connectivity, reduced latency and wider bandwidth even in crowded areas


‘Smarter’ Attributes

  • Smarter connectivity with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G Compute Platform allowing high-speed 5G network connectivity that’s 70 percent faster than 4G through a service provider
  • Download speeds of around 4Gb/s supported by nine built-in antennas for a stronger signal
  • Intelligent temperature control software adjusts device’s performance depending on your activities, keeping your laptop cool and eliminating the need for a noisy fan
  • Smarter way to stay mobile with all-day performance of up to 24 hours of battery life


Key Features

  • 9-inch Full HD IPS touch display at 400 nits bright, with four-sided narrow bezel design for expansive viewing
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx CPU enables “instant on” like your phone with the ability to wake your PC from sleep nearly instantly to see notifications and emails waiting for you
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Powerful Qualcomm Adreno 680 graphics perfect for mobile content creation
  • User-facing stereo speakers on either side of keyboard with Dolby Atmos
  • Sleek with 2-in-1 flexibility and premium metal cover in Iron Grey hue
  • Two safer ways to log in with either hands-free infrared camera or biometric fingerprint reader
  • Hardware and software enable protection from overheating via a fan-less, whisper-quiet design
  • LPDDR4x/8 channel for extreme memory bandwidth
  • Portable at 86lbs (1.3kg) and 14.7 mm (0.578 inches) thin
  • Connect faster for further productivity on cloud-based apps when on-the-go thanks to multi-gigabit 5G, 4G, and WiFi


NA Pricing & Availability

  • The 14-inch Lenovo Yoga 5G (known as Lenovo Flex 5G in North America) will start at $1,499 and is expected to be available starting spring 2020.

 01_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Front_Facing_JD.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G front facing02_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Front_Facing_Right.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G 14"(right)03_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Front_Facing_Left.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G 14" (left)04_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Stand_Mode.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G 14" Stand Mode05_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Closeup_Metalic_A_Cover.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G Metallic Cover Close-up06_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Closeup_Tablet_WIth_Pen.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G Tablet with Pen07_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Tent_Mode.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G 14" Tent Mode08_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Design.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G09_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Closeup_Keyboard_Screen.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G Keyboard Close-up10_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Design_Convertible.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G11_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Closeup_Entertainment_Speed_Motion.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G12_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Closeup_Ports_Both_Sides.jpgYOGA 5G/ Flex 5G Ports13_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Extra_Option.jpg14_Yoga_5G_14Inch_Hero_Extra_Option.jpg

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