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What's DOS?
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C330 Login Problem

So I bought my daughter this chromebook.  Got home and tried to log her into her google account only it didn’t work.  Tried again and again it didn’t work.  I enter her email address and hit next, then enter her password and hit next.  Then for an extremely quick flash (had to use slo-mo video on my phone just to read it) a message comes up asking to “choose who’s approving Alex’s sign in” but then just as quickly switches to a screen saying “Error.  Sorry there seems to be a problem.  Please try again”.  FYI if I go into google elsewhere I can log her into her google account there - just can’t do it on the chromebook.


We’ve tried again and again and again to no luck.  When we started this process my daughter thought I was supreme and powerful and capable of anything.  Now she sees me as being technically deficient and inept (which really isn’t far off).  Would appreciate any help in directing me how to fix this problem and thereby restoring my daughter’s faith in me.




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