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Blue Screen Again
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IdeaPad N20P Chromebook Battery Care

Just got this laptop yesterday.  My old laptop had a removable battery, so I would keep it plugged in and take the battery out to conserve its lifespan.  The battery cannot be removed from this ideapad and I was not able to locate the settings for the battery (still getting used to Chrome OS).  Just want a suggestion on when to charge and when to unplug to prolong the lifespan of the battery as long as possible.  I use it at home so the duration it lasts is not an issue.


Should I only charge it when the battery gets low and unplug at 100%? How can I change the settings?


Not that knowledgeable on the subject, so thanks in advance for any help.

Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad N20P Chromebook Battery Care

The best thing to do is to keep in in the charger and once a month let it discharge till 20%. It's much better to discharge a little bit and charge it again when it hits like 60 to 80%. This is the best way to preserve the battery life.

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Re: IdeaPad N20P Chromebook Battery Care

Here are some ways to conserve your battery

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