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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo 100e Chromebook Motherboard issues

very similiar error.

I was told try making a new shim but format it first..same  problem resulted.

Replace motherboard ..same issue

Ran shim perfectly on two other machines


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Re: Lenovo 100e Chromebook Motherboard issues

WriteHWID errors, in my experience, have been caused by faulty /  incompatible / changed hardware.  You should run some of the individual tests, such as webcam and wireless, to ensure that each of the other components are working.  Make sure all your cables are plugged in (including battery!).  I've had a few instances with the N23's where the webcam would fail during diagnostics, and replacing the webcam without reinstalling the Shim would cause it to fail - as there are at least two compatible webcams that Lenovo sends for replacements, and if it's installed with one, but finds a different one (and fails to find the original) later on, it fails the WriteHWID step. 

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