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Paper Tape
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N20p dead screen, but HDMI shows key presses



I have a newly delivered N20p.


It charges up, and switches on, (lights show on the side), but nothing happens on screen. No backlight, no image etc.


If I plug an external monitor into the HDMI port, you do get the Chrome logo on power up, which is then replaced by a black screen.


Pressing any key on the keyboard, and the key entered shows on the external monitor, but still nothing on the built in screen.


The external monitor seems to be some sort of raw keyboard dump, rather than a command console. Press normal keys (qwerty etc) and those appears on screen, press any of the function keys, (Return, Screen brightness up etc), and you get what looks like a control sequence, like ^[[nn~  where 'nn' is a number, which is different for each key pressed.


Has this device been left in some sort of factory test mode by Lenovo?


Is there anything that can be done to get it to boot up properly into Chrome OS? i.e. anything I can do to get it working?


Or does this need to be sent back to Lenovo for replacement?


This was bought direct from Lenovo online in the UK, not via a retailer.




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