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Paper Tape
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N22 Chromebook 4 blank screens and logged out

I have a couple of N22 chrome books that are working on a Enterprise network.  After logging on, they will pull up chrome and got to a blank screen within 5 to 10 seconds. Will do this 4 times and the log me out or restart. They had their os installed from a shim with ver 50 on it. and up dated to ver 54.

Paper Tape
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Re: N22 Chromebook 4 blank screens and logged out

I have found that this is either an App or Extention syncing issue.  I presume that a student's personal chrome browser settings are trying to sync with the schools managed chrome browser settings.


Typically, I erase the student's account off the chromebook.  I use my login.  I update.  I erase my account.  Then I log back into the student's account.  Everything is fine.


If that doesn't work, I still erase the student's account off the chromebook.  I login using the student's account and the guest network because it is slow.  I immediately go to settings and the sync preferences.  Now I quickly choose not to sync the "Apps" and the "Extensions".  I set it to the proper network.  It gets the managed system now because it's quicker.  No problems.  I have even used another Chromebrowser on a MacBook to do the same thing.



Punch Card
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Re: N22 Chromebook 4 blank screens and logged out

Second the extension theory.


I have seen this as well. Clearly something related to user settings as the machine stays on no problem when nobody is logged in.


Follow roughly the same steps as previous poster.


If managed device, I have been thinking of putting in stricter whitelist requirements for extensions



edit: Had another one come in today. However, had the same extensions as other users. Checked the ChromeOS version and it was slightly behind. Full upgrade seems to have fixed the problem. Could it be we are seeing this on machines where the extension version doesn't match up / is not compatible with that specific ChomeOS version causing the Chrome process crash?  Perhaps in the process of logging out/in and restarting the machine the upgrades got done in the other cases.


In today's case it was a machine just back from repairs and I gather they imaged an older OS version than what our managed system pushes out.

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