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What's DOS?
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N23 Yoga Chromebook has stopped recognising USB drive

I've googled this to death and cant find a solution - please help!


When I insert my USB flash drive into my Chromebook, I get the message "Removable Device Detected. Sorry, your external storage device could not be regonized".  This drive works perfectly when inserted into my Windows Laptop, and worked in my chromebook last time I tried it a few weeks back.'


I have tried connecting another flash drive to my Chromebook and get the same message, but I know it works in other laptops too.

I have tried connecting an external HDD which I know works in other computers and get the same message too.

I have powerwashed my chromebook - no change.


I have connected my Android phone by USB cable and that works fine - I can see my phone storage.

I have connected a USB mouse to my chromebook and it works fine.


I only have the one USB 3.0 port on my chromebook.


I'm no expert, but I hope someone out there is because I am stumped!  Please help!


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