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Top Speed of SD Card Slot of N21? And Other Questions Before Purchase of N21.

I am thinking of getting a Lenovo N21 Chromebook. I plan to use this for notes and other work while I am at college, so I want to expand the physical memory (the internet not always available for cloud storage) from the 16Gb storage. I was thinking of getting a fast SD card (UHS-1 or Class 10) or a low-profile USB 3.0 drive to keep things as quick as possible.I am thinking of at LEAST another 64 Gb of storage, so should I be looking for a USB drive over an SD card and vice versa?

What is the fastest speed class that the N21 can hanndle on the SD card slot? What about the top supported speed of the USB 3.0 slot (I don't even know if there are speeds you can choose from)?


I mainly want to get this N21 because of its simpicity (no bells and whistles) and for the price. I am looking at one for about $178. Would the N21 be able to handle many tabs (8-12) open at once while also using a word processing program, and possibly streaming music in the background? I would really want this to work out for me because I don't want an overpriced laptop or tablet that turns out to be just as good as this N21.


This is my first post on the Lenovo public forums, so hopfully I got everything right. Thank you for any and all help.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Top Speed of SD Card Slot of N21? And Other Questions Before Purchase of N21.

i can only answer your question about tabs but on my N21 i've frequently had 10+ tabs open with no trouble at all and it still runs with the same smoothness and speed. i've been using my n21 almost daily for a little over 3 months now and don't ever remember it slowing down during operation. keep in mind the n21 has 4GM Ram memory which is more than any other chromebook i've seen so far.

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