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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga Chromebook c640 4k Occasional Freezing

I recently got the 4k version of the yoga chromebook:


Part number: 81JX0008UX


I've noticed that occasionaly with this laptop my pointer will lag insanely and not respond to small inputs for multiple minutes at a time. 


At the time it occurs there isn't high CPU load or memory load. It occurs with the touchpad and the mousepad.


It occurs when I do and do not have any peripherals attached.


Closing the lid, letting the laptop sleep, then waking it back up has helped once so far. I usually just hard reboot as a workaround.


I've seen review articles mention freezing as well, which were chalked up to running linux apps, which I did not run when this started, but are running now:


I'm running Version 73.0.3683.88 (Official Build) (64-bit), and this has occurred across multiple verison of Chrome OS.


It first occured the first time I started using the laptop and signed into my account. I restored from a USB flash drive which appeared to resolve the issues for multiple days whereupon it started happening again.


Has anyone else seen this? What's the support option here since I've already wiped the chromebook? Must it be a hardware problem?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga Chromebook c640 4k Occasional Freezing

Is it extremely slow to the point where nothing is responding? Then after restarting (pressing the refresh button and power button together) it works fine for a bit and comes to a complete crawl?


If so, it sounds like the exact problem I had. At first Lenovo wanted to set up a repair. At which point I said for a laptop that is 2 days old running a simplistic OS like Chrome, there is no way I am putting up with a repair. Took them over a month to get me a replacement. However, problem is non-existant in the replacement.


If the sympotms are as I described it, then it is most definitely a hardware problem.


Hope that helps.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga Chromebook c640 4k Occasional Freezing

Thank you for posting your experience as well. Your description matches up with mine. The screen would appear frozen, then I would move the mouse, but if I did a normal swipe it wouldn't register at all, I had to make big swiped to get the cursor to move and it would teleport to a new part of the screen. Suffice it to say it was annoying to deal with until the restart. I'd say it happened 1-2 times a day.


I ended up using it extensively for a work trip (6-8 hours per day for multiple days) and it happened multiple times again -- intolerable.


I ended up calling lenovo tech support (no chat option) and when I said that I had wiped it and it was still happening they agreed it was a hardware issue. Since the laptop was in the first 30 days they did a return/replacement where I return the laptop and they order me a new one, instead of sending it for repair that would take a really long time. Still waiting on the replacement...


So to anyone else who encounters this, beware, and call lenovo asking for a replacement, don't spend a lot of time futzing with it!

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