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K410 - SSD installation procedure


I'd like to change my primary drive for an SSD. Are there any tips for this installation, or things to keep in mind?


Also is there any preferred software to transfer the image from the existing HDD to the SSD or will any of the proprietary software work?




The Lenovo K410 has an optional mSATA to SATA Converter Board which you can insert an mSATA SSD, see picture below.


Before making any chance or opening your system please make sure you understand the warranty terms for your particular machine. Also please be aware any damage caused while making the change or adding the SSD will not be covered under warranty. Proceed at your own risk.


Open your chassis (see page 25-26 of the hardware maintenance manual) to verify if you have this expansion.


converter board.JPG

If you don't have this converter board, your best bet is to get a 2.5 SATA SSD like this one that you can mount on the HDD bay.


For the OS migration, your problem might be similar to this thread. You can try the method posted if you'll be using a Windows 8 Pro DVD.


If you don't have a .Windows 8 installation disc, try to:

1. Create a Windows 8 recovery drive using this method on the original HDD

2. Mount the SSD on the PC

3. Download and install a demo copy of Backup & Recovery 12 Home and clone the drive to the SSD

4. When finished cloning, reboot the PC into the BIOS by pressing F1, go to the Startup > Primary Boot Sequence and set the SSD as the first boot device then press F10 to save and exit. Windows 8 should now boot to the SSD

5. If you get any errors or if the OS won't boot-up, insert the recovery drive that you created on Step 1 and boot from it to restore Windows 8.


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UltraFJ40 On 2014-04-16, 22:29 PM

No, it wasn't helpful. The Aomei prog said my k410 os part is gpt so it wouldn't copy unles I upgraded. **bleep**, when is lenovo goig to offer a solution for me to work with the os without having to call a **bleep** tech?


Sorry but this whole locking me out stuff is crap. I paid for the os, give me a means to work with it.



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