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Q180 - no sound after installing Windows 7 64-bit


I just got Q180-3110 IdeaCentre DOS version and installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit in it.


I can get sound through HDMI output (tested with my TV, normally I use VGA monitor) but SPDIF/headphones/microphone doesn't work through the normal sound port.


In Device Manager, there's an error code 10 (this device cannot start) and yellow exclaimation mark for High Definition Audio Controller.


I tried downloading and installing the audio drivers from the Lenovo support site, tried OEM Realtek drivers, tried updating chipset drivers, uninstalling, disabling, reinstalling, reinstalling windows - no luck.


I've tried to install drivers manually but it doesn't work because it always shows Microsoft as the only one that is compatible.


Windows updates are turned on but no useful downloads.


I've seen others in the forum install 32 bit versions with no problems, but my 64 bit installation does not work.  The Lenovo drivers are supposed to support both 32 and 64 bit versions.  


Any suggestions on how I can go about this or do I have a fautly sound card?


The card is not faulty. It is the Windows 7 64bit installation method that caused the issue.


As a bit of background, the Window 7 Home Premium 64bit installation comes with options for UEFI and Legacy boot while the 32bit does not have UEFI boot option.   


The UEFI boot is a newer form of installation than the Legacy.


If you install the machine using UEFI boot, you will have the issue of not having sound from the sound port (except HDMI)


Technically, the Q180 and all other idea products with Windows 7 do not support UEFI, hence you should install Windows 7 64bit by using Legacy boot as the only option.  


By default, the Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit installation will use UEFI as first option.

To avoid using UEFI,  please follow the instructions below when Windows installation starts.


  • Boot your machine and hit the "F12" key to go to the Boot Manager.
  • Once there you will be given 2 options. UEFI BOOT and LEGACY BOOT (see illustration below)


  • Select Legacy
  • Proceed with the Windows installation
  • Once it completes and loads to Windows 7, install all drivers from http://support.lenovo.com
  • The sound error should not appear.

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