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I have a Lenovo H430 Desktop that I bought about six months ago. When I got it, the keyboard was too small for my hands and got another non Lenovo keyboard instead, and gave the Lenovo keyboard away.


I am trying to access the BIOS and tried depressing F1 but the laptop just launches into Windows. T


I also tried the ESC key but am still unable to access the BIOS.


F1 is the hotkey to access the BIOS on the Lenovo H430. If this doesn't work, try the following:


1. Change USB ports (from back to front - vise versa);

2. Use another generic type USB keyboard; or

3. Remove the SATA connector on the HDD and try to boot into the BIOS again. (see page page 38 of  the hardware maintenance manual on how to access the HDD)



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i have a desk top H430 do not have lonova key board when i turn the computer on it say off line  i dont remember the pass word i had ethernet cord plugged in to it