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Blue Screen Again
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Bios update is not required for this product - Notebook, Desktop.......

Really we are in 2013, and I buy my Idea Centre K320  - 10031 in 2009 and still alders update for the BIOS of the motherboard .......
If someone has a serious info contact me, thanks      Smiley Mad

Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎10-25-2011
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Bios update IDEA CENTRE K320

Hello, I 'm back in 2009 I made a request for the updated BIOS for my Idea Centre K320 .
Have had answered me that it was not possible to update Alors!
1) This is an error because since I bought my PC. During these 4 years, I could actually proceed to an update ! Yes it's true, and it is not a Fake!
2) Now I is not no trace of the Bios firmware ? the file no longer exists ? even on the net can not find ?
I do not teach you anything. an update to fix some bugs. , adding new features , support for new hardware etc. ...

3) Why I insist ? it's simple

a) --- >> My 2x 3TB hard disk WesternDigital green. Are not detected in their entirety ! just 745 GB
b) --- >> I have constantly bluescreens
c) --- >> Research at this level on the Net have given nothing , because I try everything
d) --- >> including MATRIX STORAGE appears that the launch of the PC and that did not exist before
e) --- >> Believe me when I tell you that I try everything ! via hotline Microsoft with manipulations year ; ends and in addition no results .
Here I cry Help! For I am sure that with this small aperture setting Soft my Bios everything would as before ! And then nobody will believe me , these computer engineers did not anticipated a solution in case of crash Bios huh ? I 'm not new.

apart from that I would like to know if my motherboard, Ideacentre K320 can receive I7 processor ?
is that it would solve my problems the bios ?

Finally what does Lenovo on mother board with the option Unified Extensible Firmware Interface ( UEFI ) ?
This option is it to program nouveauz pc coming on the market ?

I teminerais saying that I saw the Last 450 Ideacentre # character % C3% A9ristiques
And of course as usual was no info on the mother ! really heartbreaking


Thank you for your Help !Smiley Wink

Serial Port
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Re: Bios update IDEA CENTRE K320

There is a way to update the files for you own ROM, you may need to Dump your actual ROM with Afudos.exe and keep a safe copy just in case, for this you need to create a bootable USB.


After you may need to search for UBU


use the software with precautions and update the modules, now you need a software AMIBCP4.53 to show additional info in your bios, changing the parameter from Default to User.


Use this with high precaution, there is a risk of damaging your PC.


After flash the new BIOS.ROM using Afudos.exe Bios.rom /P /B /N /R


Pray for the computer to work after.


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