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Paper Tape
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Black Screen After Onekey Recovery Follwed by Disk Cleanup

I have a Lenovo H515 desktop PC that needed a refresh and the process has ended rather badly, at least so far.   The steps I have gone through to date are as follows.


       1.  Successfully completed a OneKey recovery to the factory install


      2.  Un-installed  McAfee software


      3.  Over two days went through many iterations of Windows 8.1 updates until the

           OS was current.


      4   Started the Windows 8.1 Disk Cleanup tool to delete the 2.12 GB of the no longer

           needed updates files that were left behind.   That process seemed to be taking

           forever so I let it run overnight.  The next morning all I found was a black screen.  


      5.  Restarted the PC and received a couple of on screen messages. One of them

           flashed by before I could take good notes but it was something to the effect

           that the PC was collecting data in preparation of a restart.   The other one said

           “Preparing Automatic Repair”.  Again it seemed like the process was taking

           forever so I walked away and let it run.  Upon my return all I had was a black

           screen again.


     6.  I next tried the F8, F11, and F12 keys trying to find an option to run the recovery

          process again but it was never presented.


     7.  The next thing tried was booting on a MS Windows 8.1 install DVD selecting

          repair.  The first choice of selecting that it should not remove my files did not

          result in a repair.   Repeating the process a second time but selecting that it

          could remove my files if need be only resulted in a working non Lenovo

          unlicensed version of Windows 8.1 on the drive.  Apparently it did not like any

          of the Lenovo installed  files or something was really wrong.


      8.  A check with GParted shows there are still six partitions on the drive. The first

           four are smaller than the fifth, as is the sixth.  Based on the flags shown for

           each partition, I woul guess all five of the smaller partitions are not normally

           seen by the OS on the largest fifth partition.



Based on that last bit of information, I suspect it is likely the recovery partitions are still intact.  If that is the case, it is also lkely that it is only a matter of being able to access them with the necessary instructions to accomplish a complete a rebuild of the OS partition to Lenovo's version of 8.1.


Any ideas how to best go about making that happen?     





Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-09-2019
Location: US
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Re: Black Screen After Onekey Recovery Follwed by Disk Cleanup

Is there a line in the /Recovery/WindowsRE/ReAgent.xml file located in the first partition that can be edited to force a recovery?  


Or is there any file, in any of the partitions, that can be edited for that matter?


That partitions seem to be intact.  It is only that I am not being presented with the option of a  One Key Recovery on boot.

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