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Brand new Lenovo H50-55 with several issues

I got my new Lenovo H50-55 desktop less than two weeks ago, but I've run into quite a few problems so far.


The first ones were minor -- I got two blue screens of death in the first week of using it, but my sister updated some drivers and it hasn't happened again yet. It also once suddenly disconnected from the internet for no apparent reason (and I checked my other devices and it was an issue with the desktop, not our internet itself) and troubleshooting didn't help, so I had to restart it to get it to work. As I said, these issues are minor and haven't happened often, so I'm not too concerned about them.


But today, I put it on sleep mode while I went to use my laptop. When I came back a couple hours later, it had shut itself off. I put it on sleep mode every time I stop using it and this has never happened before. I tried turning it back on, but nothing showed up on the monitor at all, and the fan was being extremely loud. I've tried turning it off and back on again twice and both issues persist.


EDIT: Second issue resolved by unplugging the computer from the wall for a few minutes and then turning it back on.

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