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Destop Stuck at 'Lenovo Splash Screen"


its done something to the BIOS.

My desktop Lenovo 93m (i think thats the model... )

Its stuck at the screen and to make it worse i cannot even access bios

I pressing f2 or f1 or f12 cause thats the way is it not?

It updated the other day and now just stuck at lenovo screen, i have removed hdd attempted booting and disk drive.


Any solutions?

It happen a few days ago, it updated from lenovo centre application.

Am i doing the right thing to get into bios? Any solutions? Cause if i get into bios i can wipe the hdd and put a back up in.

Please any help would be great!

i have number of lenovo pcs and i have set them to not update.

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Re: Destop Stuck at 'Lenovo Splash Screen"

Your hard drive, and the data on it, are probably just fine.    My guess is that it is a bad BIOS update, but there are steps on how to recovery Shown on page 290 of the ThinkCentre M83 and M93/p Hardware Maintenance Manual, which I also pasted below.    


Recovering from a POST/BIOS update failure If the power to your computer is interrupted while the POST and BIOS is being updated [or if the update just screws up all on its own], your computer might not restart correctly. If this happens, perform the following procedure to recover from the POST and BIOS update failure. This procedure is commonly called Boot-block Recovery.


1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the computer. Then, disconnect all power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the computer.

2. Open the computer cover. See “Removing the computer cover” on page 93.

3. Remove the hard disk drive. See “Replacing the primary hard disk drive” on page 126

4. Locate the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper on the system board. See “Locating parts on the system board” on page 90.  [ see #20 on page 73 ]

5. Remove any cables that impede access to the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper. 

6. Move the jumper from the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2) to the maintenance position (pin 2 and pin 3).

7. Reconnect any cables that were disconnected and reinstall the PCI card if removed.

8. Close the computer cover and reconnect the power cords for the computer and monitor to electrical outlets. See “Completing the parts replacement” on page 156.


Note:  For step # 9 you will need to be able to burn a CD using the Flash UEFI BIOS update (CD ISO image version) containing the BIOS update, which is available on the site here if your system is indeed an Thinkcentre M93.    Most CD/DVD burning software supports burning a cd from a .ISO image.  


9. Turn on the computer and then insert the POST and BIOS update (flash update) disc into the optical drive. Wait a few minutes. Then, the recovery session begins. The recovery session will take two to three minutes. During this time, a warning message will be displayed and no action is needed from you.

10. After the recovery session is completed, there will be no video, and your computer will automatically turn off.

11. Repeat step 1 through step 5.

12. Move the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper back to the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2).

13. Reconnect any cables that were disconnected and reinstall the PCI card if removed.

14. Close the computer cover and reconnect any cables that were disconnected.

15. Turn on the computer to restart the operating system. 


ThinkCentre M83 and M93/p Hardware Maintenance Manual  (HWMM)


It is rather a long process, and the steps must be followed exactly, but if it is a bad BIOS update, which I believe it is since you are unable to enter the BIOS setup by pressing F1 (See page 55 of the HWMM for details), then it is your only option.


Good Luck,

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