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Getting a new power supply

So I've been doing some maintennance work on my old Lenovo desktop, and I was curious as to how I find out if the power supplies I found will work with my motherboard. These are the two I have been looking at:


 (I'd also like to know how i figure out which generation my motherboard is)

(Can anyone confirm whether or not this 

Lenovo H430 - Core i3 2130 3.4 GHz is an ATX motherboard?)

Bit Torrent
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Re: Getting a new power supply

It looks like a standard ATX motherboard with a 24 pin ATX style power connector similar to the one below, so either of the ATX form factor power supply you linked should should work.      It should already have a 280W PSU, so it could support up to a Nvidia GTX 1650 without any upgrade to the PSU (I presume that is why you want more power), but if you want more then a PSU upgrade would be needed. 


Note:   I am not sure whether your system will suffer from the problem experienced on some Lenovo systems that use a unique  Lenovo specific 10 or 12-pin connector on the motherboard.   Those systems require a 24-pin adapter to use a standard power supply, and on those models user report that the powersupply would remain running when the system was shut down via Windows (Perhaps someone else can chime in on that), so having a switch on the back of the PSU like those you linked is a plus.


FYI -- You could also probably swap out the Core I3-2130 with a Core I5-3330 without a motherboard swap too, since they both were available on that model. 




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