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What's DOS?
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H50-55 bad hard drive 1 month out of warranty

I bought this desktop Feb 2016.  The warranty expired last month.  Less than 3 weeks out of warranty, the computer would not work.  I couldn't run any diagnostics or disk checks so I had to take out the hard drive & have it checked on another computer.  Turns out that the hard drive had bad sectors in critical areas.  Of all the areas available on 1TB, it had to be there.  Great.  1 month after warranty.  It figures.  I know it's a Seagate drive, but come on.  It should last years.  In case you want to look into it, it is s/n R300TPB5.  IT folks say I have to reinstall windows on it.  I may just buy an SSD to replace it.  I bought this brand because I thought it was solid.  Guess I was wrong.  I have replaced it temporarily with a Compaq computer from 04, which STILL works without issue.  I do have a Linux distro on it though.  Just wanted to share my frustrations with anyone else having similar issues.  I didn't expect this and during the end of the school year is making it even harder.  All the files are locked up so homework is being affected.

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