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IdeaCentre 710 will not boot with Lenovo keyboard

I have been using my IdeaCenter 710 for about a month when I got up one morning and it was on the blue screen asking for the keyboard language. After picking one it goes to a screen with options for resetting the system, etc and boot to Windows. When I pick boot to Windows it reboots and goes back to pick a language for the keyboard. This continues endlessly.

Tech support had me reset back to factory setup. This painful solution did not fix the problem.

Another Tech support guy had me unplug the key board. This allowed it to boot up but with the keyboard plugged in it has the same recurring endless nonboot cycle. I tried several of the usb ports. This did not fix it.

I unplugged the keyboard and the mouse and put a wireless keyboard and mouse from another computer. This boots fine. I then took the wireless mouse out of the loop and plugged in the original wired mouse and it boots fine. It will boot with another keyboard, just not the one suppplied originally.

After explaining all this to two different Tech support technicians, they both came to the same conclusion, which is my computer has the wrong version of the operating system on it (?). They are sending me a recovery set (disks I assume).

I reluctantly agreed to this solution. I tried to get them to send me a keyboard with it but they felt that was way to radical. That would combine what they believe is the problem with what I believe is the problem.


Has anyone else had this problem? Do you have a solution? Do you know why Lenovo believes my computer has the wrong version of Win10 on it? Is it really possible to have the wrong version of Windows 10? The tech supt person said, "The manufacturer must have installed the wrong version of Windows". Go figure.


Update 11/11/16 2:31pm I plugged an extra USB keyboard laying around into and it boots fine. Odd that Lenovo thinks it is the Operating System. I've tried 3 keyboards now and it works (boots) fine with 2 of them. And it worked fine for a month with the Lenovo keyboard. Can't be the Lenova keyboard, huh? It seems like their Tech people are sitting there with a list of maybe 3 fixes for your computer and they have to try those fixes before they get serious and use some citical thinking.

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