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Paper Tape
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IdeaCentre K330B Shutting Down in Sleep Mode

I have an IdeaCentre K330B running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Seven years old and no problems till now! All of a sudden, it's now shutting down improperly while in sleep mode. (Event log lists this as Event 41, Kernel-Power critical error.)


In Power Options, I noticed that the power plan was set to the Lenovo scheme rather than the Windows default scheme, so I switched to the Windows default, and that temporarily solved the problem. But then I realized the computer was randomly switching back to the Lenovo power plan, and whenever that happens, it shuts down in sleep mode again. The Lenovo plan can be deleted permanently under Power Options, so I tried that, but every time the computer reboots, the Lenovo plan mysteriously reappears, and the computer is always set to it again!


Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? It never happened before a few weeks ago, and I don't know if this is related, but I updated Windows just a couple of days before the problem first appeared. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! 

Bit Torrent
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Re: IdeaCentre K330B Shutting Down in Sleep Mode

Try opening a Command Prompt (Admin) and then typing the following command:   powercfg –restoredefaultschemes  and then press Enter

Once complete, reboot and check to ensure that the "Lenovo Plan is history (crossed fingers), and if so setup a new power plan to your liking.


How to open a Command Prompt (Admin)

  • Type cmd in Start >> Search
  • In the results, you will see ‘cmd.exe‘
  • Right-click cmd.exe in the search result and select "Run as Administrator."

If it is still showing up, it could be being set by a Lenovo power management application (energy manager etc.) that is running at startup on your system, so you might check startup applications using msconfig.exe  etc. 





Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaCentre K330B Shutting Down in Sleep Mode

Thanks for your reply. I think the problem turned out to be that hybrid sleep was on for some reason. I turned it off and haven't had any more sleep mode shutdowns since then, but if I do, I'll try what you suggested next. Thanks again for your help!

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