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Is it possible to transfer ideacentre 510A-15ICB to a new case?

I was initially trying to build a new PC but then I figured my Lenovo actually has a pretty good processor ram and everything and it might just be easier to get a bigger case, PSU and graphics card among other things. Is it possible to take out the MOBO and transfer it to a new case. Also I read in other posts that to change PSU i would need to get an adapter, if it is even possible what other kind of things would i need to invest in?

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Re: Is it possible to transfer ideacentre 510A-15ICB to a new case?

It is difficult to do because Lenovo's motherboards are not standard, so besides the PSU connection being different, the connections to the power button etc. are also different, so you would have to map out which pins go to what on your existing connection to the front panel, and try to match them up with your new case.     There is also a problem with aftermarket PSU's not shutting the system fully off when entering power save mode too. 


If it were me, I would probably buy a case and motherboard combo that is compatible with your CPU, and move the CPU, RAM and drives etc. to the new MB, and not bother with trying to move the Lenovo MB.     A new motherboard can also provide you with a much more advanced BIOS and RAM capacity too depending on the model you choose.  


It looks like that model could support up to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 4GB GDDR5 with the 210 watt PSU, so what is it your are planning to upgrade to?



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