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Blue Screen Again
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K430 - GTX 660Ti Graphic card compatibility

I've done some research in the last few days, but have yet to get a sure answer to my question:


Will my K430 (I7 3770; Intel Z75 mobo, 280W OEM sup)  work without any problems with the GTX 660 Ti graphic card? 


I've read a lot and people were talking about problems with the UEFI/secure boot settings in the bios, changing the SUP to one with more watt... But not a single CLEAR answer was given. Just "It might be this... It might be that..just try X and Y and Z" 


What makes it even more confusing is that in the official manual for the K430, dated back to 2012, the highest compatible graphic card mentioned is a GTX 650. While on another official information / ad from the Lenovo website, it is mentioned that the PC supports Nvidia SLI + the Geforce GTX 660. 


Well what is true now? Could Lenovo please be so helpful and provide a NEWER list with compatible graphic cards of today? 


What about running a card like the GTX 1050 Ti? It doesn't need an external power supply. Would disabling the Secure Boot option in the Bios make it work? 


I've searched everything related to this on different forums, on reddit, on online compatibility PC components sites, and so on... And still nothing. 


I don't want to spend over a hundred euros only to try which one of the 20 different "solutions" will hopefully work for me and risk damaging sth or lose the money, the pc did cost anyway a lot back in the days.. 


I'd be happy even with getting a compatible graphic card on the same level as a GTX 1050 Ti, without having to upgrade / change other parts... Or at least an overview of what parts I should get and which are all compatible to the K430.  Maybe point me to a direction for a new high performance graphic card & power supply and everything else needed. 



Thanks a lot! 

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Re: K430 - GTX 660Ti Graphic card compatibility

I'm confident that a GTX 660 Ti will work, based on the fact the base 660 works.  In addition to the GTX 760 and 960 working. 


f-k430 passmark 3d.pngPassmark system benchmark, 'K430' search result, ordered by 3D performance

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