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Legion Tower 5i - upgrading SSD/HDD warranty Q

2020-09-08, 15:07 PM

When I ordered my Legion Tower 5i, I made the mistake of getting a 512gb SSD. I want to either replace that SSD or add a hybrid drive to one of the open bays, but I chatted with support this AM and was told doing so will void my warranty. I was also told Lenovo does not do upgrades. 

  1. What options do I have? External SSD for Steam and all of my games?
  2. Are the components still covered under mfg warranty? I.E. if the processor or RAM fails, can I seek repair thru those manufacturers?




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Re:Legion Tower 5i - upgrading SSD/HDD warranty Q

2020-09-08, 20:17 PM

Adding a SATA HDD or SSD to your system will not void the warranty, in fact the HDD Mounting Tray (FRU 02CW133) is listed as a CRU (Customer Replaceable Unit) in the partlist, and is further confirmed on page 63 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual which lists the HDDs a being "Self-service CRU".   


My guess is that support just told you it would void the warranty because the HDD Mounting Tray (FRU 02CW133) needed is out of stock at Lenovo Encompass Parts.   


If the HDD mounting tray was not included, and you plan on installing a 3.5" HDD, then you may want to purchase one, such as this one I found on Ebay.    Hopefully the SATA power and data connectors are in place in the drive bays. (see image below), so that once you obtain the Mounting tray, you can just your new drive in.     If you want to install a 2.5" SATA SSD instead of a HDD in the bay, you would need to get an 3.5 to 2.5 adapter similar to this one.     





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Re:Legion Tower 5i - upgrading SSD/HDD warranty Q

2020-09-11, 5:32 AM

There is a second M.2 solid state drive slot in the mother board, be careful the size when you buy a new m2 ssd, because it doesn't tell which m2 size it support in the manual.

You can add a second one if you want. but i am not sure if this will void the warranty.




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Re:Legion Tower 5i - upgrading SSD/HDD warranty Q

2020-10-24, 18:33 PM

Thank you i just bought the ORICO 3.5 to 2.5 adapter and it fits perfectly.


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Re:Legion Tower 5i - upgrading SSD/HDD warranty Q

2020-11-17, 1:19 AM

Up front, I not a computer guy, but I can plug in components.

Would it be better to add a second on-board M.2 SSD instead of a SATA SSD?


I bought a Legion T5 281MB05, i5 with 256 gb SSD (WD SN730 NVMe M.2 2280) and a SATA 1 tb HHD.


The 256 gb SSD is on the mb in location marked M2 SSD1.

There is an empty location marked M2 SSD2.


I can't find any WD SN730 SSDs.  Would a Western Digital 256 gb WD SN750 NVMe M.2 2280 work instead?  Could it be larger?

The parts page shows the SSD as a CRU (customer replacement) Mandatory and lists 43 substitutes, but all are 256 gb?


Thanks in advance.


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Re:Legion Tower 5i - upgrading SSD/HDD warranty Q

2020-11-17, 20:43 PM

Was wondering the same about the WD SN750. Also, wanted to know if the one with heatsink would work

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