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Paper Tape
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Lenovo H50-50 Problem

Hello all, 


I have a quick question. 


My lenovo h50-50 desktop has stopped working and I believe it is the motherboard. I entered my SN on my tower and my warrenty is still active. Is there Any way I can order a replacement part with no extra cost or fix this without an additional purchase?


I'd really like to use it again..


I'm a bit worried though too because I just found out that for some products that if you open it up, the warrenty expires. Is my warrenty busted since I opened my tower up to try to fix it?


Thank you in advance.  

Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo H50-50 Problem


you can contact the tech support and send the machine for repair, you will not get any parts for free , if you want you can buy them from lenevo service shop.
about the warranty , since it is desktop you can open but if there any damage made,then your machine will be out of warranty.
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Re: Lenovo H50-50 Problem

Welcome to the Lenovo Community Logo897 !


Unlike some laptops, desktop towers are meant to be opened to access consumer replaceable parts like memory, graphics cards, hard drives, etc.  In opening your tower no warranty restrictions were violated.


It sounds like you want to repair the problem yourself?  That topic would be best discussed with Lenovo Support.  If you describe the problem you are having in detail they may send out a replacement part for you to self install.  Then again if it is motherboard related they may just want a service tech to inspect the system to verify it is a motherboard problem before the replacement.  The final decision is with them so I would give them a call.  Even if a service tech does the repair the cost is covered by your warranty.


Lenovo Support - USA
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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo H50-50 Problem

Oh, ok. I'd like to repair it myself.

Thank you so much I will give them a call.

Thank you as well grey_os

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