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Paper Tape
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Lenovo H50-55 video card extended menory diagnostics fail

My pc is a Lenovov H50-55 with onboard AMD Radeon R700 graphics (1G dedicated & up to 6G extended). When Lenovo hardware scan kicked off today, all diagnostics passed - except for the video card. When I ran extended diagniostics, it failed on extended video memory test with a code of W19UJ2AAC-RVS4HE and "video memory". It offered to take me to support to order a "new video card." Well, first of all, it is built into the motherboard, and I don't know what the full explanation of that error code is. Can anyone help? Now when I run LSB from the downloaded file on the website here, it doesn't even get to that test before it fails. What is this telling me, and is there (other than bypassing the onboard video hardware) that can be sdone to alleviate the problem?

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Re: Lenovo H50-55 video card extended menory diagnostics fail

Hi Strueb, welcome to the forum.


I'm not very familiar with the errors that the hardware scan produce, I wonder if you see any other more visible errors on your video card, like an strange behaviour of the video, computer hang,  or some warning that the video controllers stops on Windows.


Just in case it (you are using Windows 10, right?) it will be usefull for you to check the latest version of your drivers with "Lenovo Companion". Update the drivers and BIOS and check again inside Lenovo Companion's hardware scan if you see the same error. If you are using Lenovo Solution Center for the scan also check if you are on the latest version.


Let's just validate first that you are using the lastest versions of drivers, bios and software and see if it reportes the same result on the scan.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo H50-55 video card extended menory diagnostics fail

Thank you for the welcome! Indeed, I'm running WIN 10. And Lenovo companion says I'm up-to-date (though, for some rason it wanted to install the AMD chipset Driver that it installed on 4/10 (same version, V. There are no UEFI(BIOS) updates. Windows says I'm up-to-date, and Radeon hasn't had an update for several weeks. After the chipset update, I reran the video card scan. It failed on the "video memory test". I have some screen captures of the test results:

(umm, cut-n-paste didn't work. I assume I can attach a file? It has the scan results and the error code) I did notice, going through the support path to scan for updates, that Lenovo wants to install the same AMD chipset drivers version - again. No biggie, that.

In any case the hardware scan is still registering an erro, so I hope the attached file helps in the troubleshooting.


Thank you very for the quick response!


Wes Struebing

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