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Paper Tape
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Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

I just purchased IdeaCentre K450 from Bestbuy.

In addition I also purchased 2 Seagate 3TB Backup Plus USB drives. All three USB drives were plugged in to the K450.

When the Windows Updates automatically rebooted the PC, it got stuck on the Lenovo BIOS logo.

It will not bypass it until I remove or power down all the USB drives that attached to it.


I did check the BIOS and make sure that it's not trying to boot from USB. I made the Local Hard Disk as the number 1 priority when booting.


I don't know what is going on. I think Lenovo will have to update the BIOS. SInce it's a newer product, my guess is I will have to wait for a little bit. I called the support line and they have no clue what is going on. They only advise is to post it in the forum and see if anyone else has the same issue. *no comment*


I guess this is a weird one because when I tested by plugging in an "EMPTY" 4GB USB jump drive, it will boot just fine.

I'm not sure if it's because the Seagate Backup Plus was a 3TB drives or it has "certain" content inside the jump drive.


If any fellow K450 users has the same issue, please post it here so the Lenovo "engineer" be able to see that there's an issue out there.


Thank you.


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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

Hi iamxcpx, welcome to the forums,


what you have experienced is not uncommon with any type of computer from notebook through to server, regardless of the boot disc being set as item 1 in the list, sometimes they just want to search everything available for boot instructions; depending on the quantity of information on the external discs it can sometimes take a little while.


I would suggest totally excluding the drives, or better all usb devices, from the boot order.  The following picture is of another systems BIOS, but hopefully illustrates what I mean.





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Paper Tape
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

Thanks for the reply Andy.


Yes, I have excluded everything from the boot order except the local hard drive.

I brought it to Bestbuy and show it to their "Geek Squad" since I bought it there.

They also have no answer to this other than waiting for Lenovo to update the BIOS.


Just a little background of mine.

I've been dealing with computer since Windows 3.1 era but I'm not that old da*n it. Lol

I'm not trying to be disrespecful but just want to throw it out there than I'm not a newbie. Smiley Happy


If you have any other suggestions, please do share.

I always welcome new tips and tricks. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.



I'm not sure if it's related or not but I just finished with the upgrade to Windows 8.1 and now, I'm down one USB 3.0 port.

Previously, I have 4 USB 3.0 External drives plugged in to it.

Two in the front and two in the back, now one of the two USB 3.0 ports in the back stopped working.

I have tried all of my USB 3.0 devices to that specific "bad" port and nothing but if I plug in USB 2.0 jump drive, it'll work.

Very odd!


Ugh! I'm not loving Lenovo PC at the moment.

I hope new BIOS will be out soon and will fix all these issues or I'll have to take it back to Bestbuy and buy other brand.



Paper Tape
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

Hi iamxcpx


Sounds a bit like "I'm C3PO".  2 TB, plus 2 x 3TB  some storage.


Anyway I purchased a K450 some 6 weeks ago and this morning the same thing happened to me, my immediate  thought was that the hard drive had failed .


Quite a bit of, Off/On but no way was it going to boot, unplugged and reconnected the HD SATA connectors, but with no result..  Managed to get into the BIOS, where everything looked OK,  then wished I'd backed-up, but don't we all when faced with this situation?


Was just about to remove the main drive and plug it into another PC, to check if it was ok and save all the important stuff, when I noticed that I had left a USB drive plugged in the previous night.  Not really expecting a miracle I unplugged it and rebooted,  20 seconds later I had a desktop Hurrah!!!


Did a backup straight away and resolved to do this on a regular basis.


Then I went looking for further info and found your thread.  I've now excluded USB from the boot process.


Incidentally I also discovered that you have to hold the F2 key down and then power up, if you wish to enter Lenovo OneKey Recovery, as you only have 280 milliseconds to trigger it, tapping it just doesn't work.


So Lenovo Engineer:  Please take note that this isn't a one off.  If a USB drive is left connected it can cause the K450 to hang during boot


I though it was suggested to leave a USM drive plugged in, but it appears that this will also cause the PC hang during boot.  This mis-operation requires investigation, in order to prevent more of your customers having the same unpleasant experience.


Thanks Noel

What's DOS?
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

Hey Guys,  I have just experienced the same problem.  Bought the K450 4 months ago, tried to connect an older 1 GB  Seagate USB drive, which did connect, but the old Windows 7 Seagate software would not perform auto backups with the Windows 8 K450.  So I bought a new 4 TB Seagate USB drive, hooked it up and everything works fine.  The K450 reboots with no problem.   Now I disconnect the old 1 GB Seagate USB drive, and guess what, the K450 will not restart, just sits frozen on the LENOVO startup screen.  I plug the drive back in, everything works fine.   I unplug both USB drives, and everything works fine.  But it will not work wioth just the new Seagate USB drive.


The Seagate rep thought it might be the boot priority in the K450 BIOS.   So, I called Lenovo, he walked me through the BIOS and it looks fine, with the SATA1 set to the K450 hard drive.  SATA2 is blank, SATA3 is the DVD drive, SATA 4 is blank, eSATA is blank, Other Device is blank, USBHDD is blank and USB CDROM is blank.  He was not aware of any other LENOVO people having this problem and said I needed to go back to Seagate with the info I found on the BIOS Boot priority.   I will do that tomorrow, but for now, looks like I have to live with this work around and unplug the drives when I need to restart.

Paper Tape
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.



My K450 went back to John Lewis today for a full refund.  They are really excellent.


The K450 case was superb and the contents quality products, but when I pay £950 for something I expect it to work properly.


The, if you leave something in a USB drive no boot problem, the power switch software not working, the fact that when I needed to use it, the OneKey recovery system failed, the 0844, revenue generating, tech support number, the 20 mins music on hold, only to be told to ring JL all added up to a situation I was very concerned about.


Been down to Havant to Novatech and bought a new PC from them.


So cheers for now.



Paper Tape
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

I did call Lenovo.

They knew about the problem and told me to post it in the forum because they have no solution. They said some of their people is monitoring the forum and that way they can see how many people were having the same issue and might do something about it. What a lame excuses.


Right now I'm doing the workaround by unplugging all the USB. What a PITA.

I can't return it because I'm already over the return period.

Otherwise the system just OK.

Paper Tape
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.

Hi iam/et al


I recall you posting that you did call Lenovo and were also unimpressed with their knowledge and attitude.


After a lot of effort, I managed to speak with a Manager at Lenovo who appeared to be taking ownership and said he would report the problem.  His name is Andrew and his direct line is 012xxxxxxxx


As you are aware, shortly afterwards, I lost confidence in Lenovo's ability to rectify the problems and therefore made the decision to return the PC to John Lewis, I therefore did not follow up the contact.  But perhaps, if you were to give him a bell and press him on this matter, including the fact that I rejected mine, on the booting and other problems I've mentioned, he might take further action.


If you click the Power Switch icon does the graphic appear showing the switch position and processor speed, mine would show a static graphic for a couple of seconds before dissapearing.  As I was able to see the processor speed, using task manager, this was no big deal.


What was much more of concern was that after a large MS update, both Chrome and IE disappeared and no matter what I tried I could not even uninstall and reinstall them.  I'd used OneKey to backup only a couple of days earlier, so I decided to use it recover the system and restore Chrome and IE, however as I said, after a long time it reported that it had failed!!


As I was going to return the PC, this was no real problem, instead I used the return to factory option instead, which did work and removed all my programs and data prior to my returning  the PC.


If the OneKey backup/recovery process cannot be relied on, it would be better not to have it at all and instead rely on another method/product.  Had I entrusted my data etc to OneKey, been in a situation where I really needed to use it and it had failed, I would have been really buggered!!  Even had I kept the PC I don't think I would have ever felt confident and would have resorted to using a second method of backup, just in case.


Hope you guys get it sorted , as you say if the problems can be resolved, it is a good PC and for £950 good value.


Cheers Noel 


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What's DOS?
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Re: Warning! K450 stuck on Lenovo logo when USB hard drive is plugged in.



I bought a Lenovo Desktop about 6 months ago.  Orignially I had a Seagate 1TB drive that could be left plugged in at all times without issue.  The computer would boot up , shutdown, restart without any issue.  The Seagate software for that drive though would not work with Windows 8, so we decided to replace the drive with a new 4TB Seagate drive.


Now the new Seagate drive works fine in windows, but the problem is now that when trying to start the computer with the 4TB drive left plugged in, the computer gets stuck at the Lenovo splash screen during the bios.  Removing the usb while it is stuck does nothing, but when you turn off the computer and turn it on with the drive unplugged, the computer boots up properly.


This problem is critical is the use of the computer, as restarting the computer is not possible with the drive left plugged in, and automatic backups prevented from occuring if there are any automatic restarts from windows or driver updates.


Here are the steps we have tried.


Checked for Lenovo Bios update - no updates

checked for Seagate drive firmware update - no updates

reformatted Seagate drive

In Lenovo Bios:

-disabled all boot devices in Boot Priority except for the local hard disk on Sata1

-disabled Secure Boot

Removed the only other USB device, brother printer, so the Seagate 4TB is the only usb devices

Attempted Seagate Drive on the usb 3.0 (blue) port on the rear of computer

Attempted Seagate Drive on the usb2.0 (black) port on the rear of computer

Attempted Segate Drive on the yellow usb port on the front of the computer.


Tried to boot the computer up with the Seagate drive plugged in after each of the above steps would still result in the computer getting stuck on the Lenovo Splash screen before windows would even attempt to load.


Called Seagate support, we tried the 4TB on 2 other computers and it is booting up fine.  They directed me to Lenovo.


Called Lenovo Support, they said we would have to reinstall the Operating System, though this would have no affect if the issue is during the bios and before any boot process is started.


Here are the Specifications.

Lenovo IdeaCentre K450

machine type - 10120

config number - 57317212

S/N - ES11441234

cpu - Intel Core i5 4430

ram- 8GB

hdd - 1TB (sata1)

odd - DVDRW (sata3)

bios: I1KT15AUS

bios date: 3/28/2013


Seagate Plus Backup Drive:

model - SRD0SD0

PN: 1DXAP4-500 4TB



This problem has been an ongoing issue for the last few months and there has been no resolution.  Are there any other options to fix this Lenovo boot issue before having to seek for a warranty replacement?


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