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Y900-34ISZ Desktop loud Graphics card buzzing

As the title says I have a Y900-34ISZ Desktop and the grapihics card tinds to make a VERY loud buzzing sound when playing games. At first it wasn't a big problem but it seems to be getting worse, it to the point that i can't even stand to play anything because the buzzing is so loud. i've already tried contetacting support but all i got out of that was a dent in my case. Anyone have any Ideas on how to fix this. I've already checked the fans and cleaned out the case as well as updating all drivers but nothing has worked.


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Re: Y900-34ISZ Desktop loud Graphics card buzzing

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Have you checked to see if the card is loose?  If it isn't then a graphics card shouldn't be making this kind of noise which means it needs to be replaced.  I would recommend you contact Lenovo Support for warranty assistance.  I would see if Lenovo can send you a replacement card instead of sending the whole system in.  You can then send back the noisy one to Lenovo.


Lenovo Support - USA
24 hours a day 7 days / week


An alternative is check with your local Best Buy store to see if they are an authorized service center. You could then walk it in for the replacement.


Here is a link to your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual.  It will explain how to replace the graphics card if needed.....


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