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Re: lost my rescue and recovery partition

i did download resuce and recovery software for my system though it was stated that it will not support my system i had to do this coz i use aa genuine windows os and loosing it will mean a sumhtin hrrible for me.i could create reocvery media also(13) of them but i dont know whether they will work or not if i use them..i havent still booted from the 1st cd to see
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Re: lost my rescue and recovery partition

hey just wanted to say thank you to the person who started this thread and the answer that helped me fix an issue I was facing The one that gave info on how to recover pc to factory settings using the one key however it took me quite a while to figure out that since there is no FN key to change over this stupid keyboard uses the windows icon key instead once I figured that out after trying holding the button down by itself or  holding shift while pressing it made my work ten times easier since I did not even have to resort to pirate sites to find the recovery copy floating around somewhere in iso form and saved me loads of time since I did not have to wait for a huge download. I am a computer tech & yeah I shouldn't cheat using pirated software but who doesn't once in a while I mean when they price them beyond any normal middle class persons wages so high they would have to save for months like the adobe cs sets over a thousand for every app they make at the current time and if someone gave you a choice of that or a free download that you have to firewall block from net which would you choose months or even a year of scraping and saving hard earned money or just download it free and Microsoft and all the other big corporations are no better they simply work too fast and hire too many people to offer a reasonable price on anything. One other note if more big software companies would offer more of an incentive for loyal customers maybe less ppl would use pirated versions, like lifetime upgrades at a slightly higher price to make it worth all that money you save, instead of buying it then they release a new version the day or week after and your screwed with yesterdays software. Anyway was getting this pc ready from a client I rented it to that had it password blocked and lost his password or accidentally changed it to rent to a new client and anyway just wanted to say thanks and good luck to original post I hope you solve your problem as well.

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