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what is the h50-50 motherboard?

hello my motherboard blow up when i went to upgrade. I don't want to go to a repair place to fix something i can do on myself. So what is the motherboad and where can i buy the part.

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Re: what is the h50-50 motherboard?

Hi, welcome to the forum.


The good thing is that Lenovo posts the information on the support site for the H50-50 model.


It is good for you to check the Lenovo H50 Series Hardware Maintenance Manual, so you can check how to dissasembly the CPU. The parts information (or replacement FRUs) are listed in Charpter 11.


There are several kind of Motherboards, I think the best way will be to check on the burned one which FRU number does it has for you to check that one on a Lenovo shop, ebay, amazon,etc.


I hope this helps.



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Re: what is the h50-50 motherboard?

Mine has the Core i5 4460 CPU (machine type 90B7000HUS) and uses the Sharkbay [W8P E H81 95W REFRESH MB] Part Number/FRU:  5B20G05108, which according to Lenovo Encompass Parts is in stock, and is compatible with machine types:  90B700ENUS, 90B700H6US,   90B70017US,   90B700BAUS and 90B7005CUS.


I see one on Ebay for cheaper, but there is no guarantee that it is a new board, while I known Encompass parts are new.


The FRU on your board should be shown here



Good Luck,


Lenovo Encompass Parts



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