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Blue Screen Again
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3000 H100 Casing: How do I change the DVD writer?

My pc is Lenovo 3000 H100. It's almost 2 yrs old now, and the DVD-RAM is shot. The same problem with a few other Lenovo desktops we have - can't read DVD, can't burn DVD. It started with burning error, now it can't even detect blank discs. Anyone familiar with the issue? CD still works.


I've opened the case a few times before, to add a graphic card. add ram, add another SATA harddisk. 


I see that the original DVD drive is IDE, so I'll have to get an IDE drive since I've use the spare SATA for my 2nd harddisk. The IDE-SATA converter for optic drive is not recommended.


I've unscrewed 3 screws from one side, you can't access the other side, so I'm guessing there's no screw on that side (design logic, unless someone screwed up).


My question is, how do I pull out the DVD drive? Normally with the usual casing you can just pull the drive out, but with the Lenovo H100, you can't due to the fancy auto door on the front. 


You also can't take it out from the back, since


1) when I try to pull the DVD drive, it's stucked after 1/2 cm, I dont know what's blocking the DVD drive, but it must be from the side or the top


2)You'll have to remove the PSU first. 


So anyone can show what's to be done?



My family bought a few of the Lenovo series, and all the DVD drives gone after a year. right after the warranty is over, and I'm the only one who needs DVD burning capability since I normally burn DVDs of my study stuffs. 


I hope this is not the last lenovo I bought since it's the quitest pc I've ever owned, but chances are I'll have to get a new casing for the system.

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Re: 3000 H100 Casing: How do I change the DVD writer?



I think you are aware of screws present below the hdd area in the 3000H series.if you could just remove them using a philips screw driver you can remove the from bezel.Then gently push the dvd burner outside,you must be able to remove it then





Blue Screen Again
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Re: 3000 H100 Casing: How do I change the DVD writer?

Thanks for the tips Samavedam_vijay


I managed to open the front bezel on 3000 H100. Here's what I did


1 Remove the hardsdisk section by pressing down the lever on the side and pulling it out.


There's a screw behind the harddisk section to disengage the front bezel.


There's a total of 5 locking thingy plus 1 screw. You just have to remove the screw and three locking thingy on the inside. You can't see the other 2 since it's behind the top section.


What I did was remove the screw (flower type), and unlock the locking thingy by inserting a straight screwdriver on the side and pushing the front bezel out.



My brother will have to claim the warranty for the drive since the guy at the store said after a year, there's a limited warranty for the drive, meaning it's CRU, Customer replaceable unit. Yay!

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