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3000 Q100 desktop power supply question

Hello all,


I have a lenovo 3000 Q100 8822 14Q desktop, with 2*512 MB RAM (and 2*1 GB ready and waiting).. I want to buy a GeForce 8800 GT card- and from what i understand the two critical criteria for compatibility are 1)the card slot and 2)the power supply.


I do have a PCIe x16 slot, so i dont think there's any problem there (correct me if i am wrong, my knowledge is limited). But apparently this card needs a minimum 450 Watts of power to run..I don't have the desktop with me right now(it's locked away in college and i want to buy the card before i go back...) but i dont think the stock SMPS is that good. So my questions are-


1) If i want to buy another SMPS, will it fit in the casing? (My CPU is one of those small form factor models...) Or do i have to contact lenovo for a customized power supply? (or is that even possible?).

2) My LCD monitor has some kind of a 2pin power supply that's plugged into the SMPS directly- can i get SMPSes that have that power slot? Or can i connect the monitor to an external power source?



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