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H330 fan speed



I'm concerned about the fan speed of my otherwise very nice Lenovo H330 77801PU. It seems to remain at a constant speed of 1650-1670 no matter how much internal heat is generated. Is there a threshold at which the fan kicks into another gear? I wasn't able to get any temp sensor on SpeedFan past 45 Celsius, so maybe I'm just being a little paranoid...


Is there an app for fan control, like there is for the Thinkpad series?


...and barring that,  is there access to the fan, via the bios, and are the settings something that can be easily tweaked?


Thanks... Smiley Happy



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Re: H330 fan speed

Hi closemike and welcome to the Community,


You can check in the bios, but I doubt there's any settings in there for the fan.  New computers have bios that don't have much to configure anymore.


Try CoreTemp, that works pretty well for a temp monitor, it also has a desktop gadget that monitors cpu usage and ram usage. It's small, low resource.


There's no 3rd party fan control yet.



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Re: H330 fan speed

modern computers should be less noisy that oldest ones too ...

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Re: H330 fan speed

closemike, if you can return your laptop still, do it now.  This is a known issue with the G5*0 series and it is probably the same thing with the H** series.  Lenovo support cannot reproduce it, but it seems like all the users can.  The fan will just run forever and severely reduce your battery life.  I fixed the BIOS tables as much as i could but they are sorely impcomplete when it comes to fan definitions.  There is something wrong deep inside the computer that doesn't reset the thermal zones after they are tripped.  So, once your temp hits 55c a thermal zone should trip, turning the fan on, which should then set a new thermal zone of 40c or so, when that is tripped the fan turns off and puts the zone back at 55c.  


Actually, on yours, the zone is probably set to 38c.  If you have nothing running and take your laptop outside in the middle of December on a windy, snowy day the fan will stop.  You might verify this by putting your laptop in the freezer.


I think the 38c is hard wired somewhere under the bios in a software "Embedded Controller" that is not as easy to hack as BIOS ACPI tables.


Here is a 14 page thread about the problem which has been known for a year.


I have heard of myself and 2 other people who have patched this problem, but we are all on Linux and are comfortable with hacking BIOS ACPI tables.  If you are not this sort of user, return the laptop.

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