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Blue Screen Again
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K330 restarts after every shutdown - Help!

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I have an annoying problem with my K330  (7727), which I own about one week now.


When I shut down the system in the usual way (Windows 7), the system turns off, but about 3-4 seconds later it automatically restarts again.Smiley Sad


This also happens, when I turn off the system using the power switch (pressed short)


The only possibility to turn off the system permanently (and instantly while Win7 is runningSmiley Frustrated) is by pressing the power switch a few seconds (causing error messages during the subsequent reboot).


To find the cause of the problem I already tried several options, but all without success:

- Verified the BIOS settings for wake-on-lan etc. - All settings are OK

- Disconnected all USB devices - No effect at all

- Verified the power settings in Windows 7 - All OK

- Exchanged the power supply (!) - No effect at all

- Booted from a Linux boot disk - No effect at all


I therefore expect issues with either the motherboard or the BIOS.


BIOS: I have revision DKKT23AUS installed and cannot find any other (newer) BIOS version on the Lenovo website.


Is there a way to re-install the BIOS? Where can I find this firmware?


Are there any other options (apart from the motherboard) which could cause this issue?


I am getting desperate ......



Can somebody please help me?



REMARK: The PC has been returned to LENOVO. They have installed a new motherboard. System is running again ...



Blue Screen Again
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Re: K330 restarts after every shutdown - Help!

That is very wierd. 1st off, I would shut the system down. Unplug the system. Remove the CMOS battery from the Motherboard. It looks like a watch battery, usually a C2032 size.. Allow it to sit for few minutes to allow the capacitors to die down. Put it all back together and see what happens. On my system BIOs there is a setting for if I want the computer to be on during certain times of the day. Make sure yours is not set for that in anyway. 

Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎12-22-2011
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Re: K330 restarts after every shutdown - Help!

Thanks Toughbook for your reply.


I have gone through the procedure you proposed, but no luck. The issue remains ...


The BIOS settings are set correctly again (I checked again).


Are there any other options left?


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