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Punch Card
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Re: Sill have the warning

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Ribbit50 ,  If you use BooitNG you won't "see" any changes on your current Windows setup. But if you try to use OneKey recovery it might not work very well, it's up to you, I mean, if you'd rather use another type of backup program then BootitNG might work for you. I know it doesn't seem too simple, but if you print out the instructions that come with it and follow them to the T you should be able to resize your partition.

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Message Edited by lita_g on 05-08-2008 04:41 PM
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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Sill have the warning

Thanks Lita_g , Seens like thing getting a little better here , I have worked on my C drive and now have almost 8 gigs free . I have deleted a lot and move a lot to the D drive . I have a nighbor that has helped me with some of it , Stll have the blue death screen but like Sam said I think it from some of the games I put on that were not set up for Vista . Wil star on that next , Am trying to switch RealPlayer from C drive to D drive now and having a big proplem there .
Thanks to all on this Forem . lenovo sent me a survey on there service the other day I told them to read the forem , I know that they could update and fix this mess they have creaded .
Thank again
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