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Paper Tape
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No Sound on Rear Speakers

I have a new Lenovo H420and I am unable to get sound from the 2nd set of rear speakers when using a media player.


The OS  is Windows 7 Home 64 bit and I have put in all new drivers for the Realtek HD Audio. When I run the Lenovo HD Audio Manager the system shows stereo or quadrophonic or 5.1 speakers. Stereo is fine and plays back on the front speakers. And when set to 4 speakers, the Audio Manager playback tests successfully on all 4 speakers. It does this also for the Windows speaker configuration.


But running Windows media player or VLC player will only play sounds on the front channel. I am unable to find any information from Lenovo, Realtek or Microsoft about this problem, but I can find lots of other people with a similar issue.


Any suggestions for a solution?



Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-04-2012
Location: Asheville, NC, USA
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Re: No Sound on Rear Speakers SOLVED !!!

This problem with no sound on rear speakers has taken up far more time than I ever expected. I have un-installed and re-installed drivers and assorted  audio applications in an an attempt to resolve it. Internet research found many other people with the same frustrating problem with Realtek Audio and Windows 7. There seemed to be no one who had found a good answer.




> Run the Realtek Audio Manager (aka Lenovo HD auido Manager)  found in the control panel programs.

> Click Advanced button on right panel

> Set  Speaker Configuration to Quadraphonic

> Click the Test button or click on the individual speakers. You should hear sound from all the speakers except for the center channel and subwoofer. This proves there is a signal for the front and rear speakers. The problem is that when running applications there is no sound on the rear speakers.

> Click Sound Effects tab, change the Environment  from <none> to Room.   There should now be an audio signal for the rear speakers!


Why this is not explained anywhere on Realtek help or anywhere else on the internet is a mystery. But at least this is an easy if baffling fix. I believe that the Realtek Audio codex wants to process all sound through some kind of effects and delay engine. There doesn't seem to be any Fade control for Front and Rear. There is a Loudness Equalization that I also clicked that does some voluime adjustment but not much. The Rear speakers will not play for many of the odd  Environments, I found Room, Auditorium, and Concert Hall to be acceptable. Perhaps others like Sewer Pipe may be suitable for games. Most are just silly noise effects.


The equalizer has some useful qualities and can adjust the bass/treble audio to suit music. The Live was the best for my speakers which are Logitech. The sub-woofer may need some adjustment depending on the carpets or tile in the room.


Hope this helps someone to resolve this wierd audio problem.

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Re: No Sound on Rear Speakers SOLVED !!!



Thanks for posting back with your fix.  I'm sure it will help others.



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