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Paper Tape
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Q180 Fan Noise

Just setting up my new Q180 for use as a HTPC and the fan noise is really loud.  Does anyone else have this issue and if so have you come up with a workaround?  It's loud enough that I may have return it.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

I have a Q180 sitting next to me in my basement.  The room is extremely quiet, I can hear the "whoosh" of the fan on this unit, but I wouldn't call it loud.  It's appoximately as loud as a laptop fan.  When I first boot up the fan does spin a bit faster and makes more noise, but once it's in Windows, it settles down.  


Hope that helps?  I know this model is extremely new, I didn't expect it to ship for another few weeks and was pleasantly surprised to have it ship about a week ago.  I just got around to setting it up today.


Paper Tape
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

Mine is significanly louder than any of my laptop fans, so I think we're at different noise levels.  Also, mine does "settle down" a bit after initial boot, but not much.  If I was putting in it a media cabinet, it would probably be fine, but it's sitting out.  I have to turn my TV up very loud to mask it.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

I just got mine over the holidays and I think the fan noise is quite low. I'm sitting maybe 12feet away from the Q180 and can not  hear it  when the TV is on low volume. With the TV off I can barely hear it.  I would say that noise is comparable to normal laptop. I think the noise coming from my regular DVR hard drive at same distance is more annoying.

What's DOS?
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

Low fan noise on mine
What's DOS?
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

I have qualifications in both acoustics and I.T.


You are right. The fan noise is above that of a standard laptop. It is certainly louder 12 feet away than the laptop currently on my lap. The fan noise is a shame and I'm tempted to take my q180 to bits to see if anything can be done about it. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

Is there any news on this fan noise? My CPU is attached to the back of my monitor and the noise is louder than my laptop. The fan is made by Delta who apparently make good quality but noisy fans. Model no. KSB05105HB its got 4 wires and runs on 5VDC. Is there a quieter alternative, or a way to control fan speeds?

Paper Tape
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

I am interested as well. I feel also that the Q180 is quite noisy.


I've put some Arctic 4 thermal paste, but it didn't change anything.


Also in catalyst control center you can decrease fan speed to a minimum of 20% but it didn't change anything.


Aynone tryied to unplug the fan?




Former Employee
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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

hi all,


Thanks for posting your concerns and sorry to hear about the issues you're facing. 

After reading through your thread I took out my Q180 and check if i were facing the same results. I must admit though I couldn't get the same rresults as some you did with the loud fan.


Though just to check with you guys, when did the loud noise start to happen? Was there anything in particular that you had installed prior ot this happening. 


Its really hard to determined at this point what causing this loud noise you're but for start I would suggest to reinstall all the drivers for the Q180 from the support site From there at least we can illiminate that one of the drivers is causing a conflict with the fan.



Do let me know how it goes.



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Re: Q180 Fan Noise

I've built three Q180 bulds and all of them have been near silent.


I've pushed them hard at times for testing and still next to no sound.

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