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Paper Tape
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

If it makes you feel any better, think of it this way...


The "energy saving features" are causing all of these hardware interrupts and resulting in a higher CPU load that consumes more power than it would otherwise.


I also noticed a few other issues that were resolved by disabling these features.  Sometimes the computer would not wake up from sleep mode.  Sometimes the ethernet adapter would be unable to reconnect to the network after the computer woke up from sleep mode.  Also, the power indicator light would remain on after I shutdown the computer and would require a hard reset at the power strip in order to turn the computer back on.  I have not observed either of these issues occuring since I disabled these features.


So, no, I don't regret having disabled these features.

Paper Tape
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

I was looking into this issue from the beginning I bought this unit.

First hint for me was that the wired LAN could be the cause of troubles. So at first I updated the NIC driver to the latest version mentioned sooner in this thread. I opened windows task manager and was watching the performance changes. After reboot the cpu load was ok. But just a few seconds of more intesive network access led to the load aprox. 40% on all cores.

SOLUTION: As I found on the other pages and what really helped me was disabling Wake on LAN futures in the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controler driver properties. What I did was, first I went to Advanced tab and disable everything connected to WOL feature. I've there 3 options (Shutdown Wake-on-lan, Wake on magic packet, Wake on pattern match). The cpu usage dropped immidiatelly to about 10% and after reboot to zero. I found later on that just disabling of "Allow this device to wake the computer" on Power Management tab should be enough as well.

After this settings my Q180 is finally much more responsive.

Hope it helps.

Paper Tape
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

It seems that turning off the green features and Wake on LAN feature helps ... Also, you become that after turning off the PC, the PC turns off completely? I wondered about the complaint, but do not know if it's not a problem for all Q180 ... sry for my english

Former Administrator
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem



Thanks for the well detailed discussion on things you have tried to isolate the issue.  Will try to arrange some additional / help and thoughts on this situation shortly.



Former Employee
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

Hi guys was eading through the threads and was wondering could you provide further details into your system. I would like to create a case on behalf you all of you to the relevant team to see if any can thing else can be done in this respect and alot of you are facing these issues please do let me knkow by PM of your system specs.


details needed are 


• Machine Family (e.g. T61)
• Machine Type Model (e.g. 7660-14A)
• Machine Serial Number (e.g. L3-234A)
• Bios version
• Chipset model and driver version
• RAM (e.g. 2GB DDR3)
• OS (e.g. Win 7 64-bit Ultimate)
• Steps taken prior to a reported issue (for an example software or hardware installed)
• Driver list and version of components (depends on issue discussed)
• Customers country of residence
• Location of goods purchased (optional)


• First and Last Name
• Contact Phone Number
• Email Address
• Mailing Address
• Country of customers resided
• Case Number (provided by service centre)
• Date of Purchase (optional)


Hope you guys can get back to me as soon as possible





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

Replied via private message, I really hope Lenovo can help address this issue. Things appear to be stable now that I've disabled "green" features of the wired Ethernet adapter.
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

[ Edited ]



Nine escalated the details on this case and one of our engineers has been doing some testing...we are definitely seeing something, but not quite yet exactly what is noted here.  Some of you may have already tried these steps, if not could you please try and let us know the results.  


We would also appreciate any additional details on steps to replicate and which model Q180 you have as perhaps there are some minor variances between sub-models?   Lastly, if we get stuck, if there is someone in the US experiencing this - we'd love to have a look at your particular system - contact me via PM and we can arrange to bring it in.


Meanwhile, here are the thoughts from our engineer...


I have tried to recreate with the Q180 high cpu usage, and there does appear to be something causing high interrupts usage when testing with Process Explorer 64.


However , when you disable the Wake on Magic packet you immediately notice the interrupts go down to almost nothing.


Once that was done I restarted the machine and checked the interrupts again and they remained low. I then re-enabled Wake on Magic Packet and the interrupts still remained low and have since I did this a week ago.


I've restarted the machine several times since then and still no issues.


Steps to disable Wake on Magic Packet

Go to Device Manager
Network Controllers
Right Click on the Ethernet Controller and go to Properties
Click on the Advanced Tab
Scroll down in the Properties Window and click on Wake on Magic Packet
You should see the Enabled option come up in the window next to Properties

Click to Disabled



Former Employee
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

hi all,


Just wanted to ask if you system are came back to normal after diabling the "Wake on Magic Packet". Currently the engineering side is working on the issue. Will get back to all once an update has been recieved.

By the way as Mark had asked earlier, was there anything diffrent that have been done that may have caused the spiked. Do let me know.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Q180 High CPU Usage Problem

Hi All,


As I was the one originally posting the problem and I wanted to give an update. After reinstalling the system at the end of last year, the problem still came back, but as I have been using my system mainly for media playback, I have not had any problems with the high CPU usage. 


Anyway, I saw the instructions from Mark to disable Wake On Magic Packet from the Advanced tab of the adapter properties. This worked for me for a day and and the problem came back. About one week ago I did some additional confugurations: 

- I disabled "Wake on Pattern Match" on the advanced tab

- I disabled "Allow this device to wake the computer" on the power managment tab


Since then the system has been working well... CPU usage close to 0 in idle.


Anyway, I have noticed another problem that is somehow related to this. When this problem appeared the computer does not go to standby anymore. Also after changing these settings, same problem persists, the computer does not go to sleep/standby itself anymore. I think these things are related somehow, but I don't understand why.


Anyway, I'm not using anything special on the PC. Main use is Media Center (that could be somehow linked to this problem as I do have network shares mapped for movies)





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