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Blue Screen Again
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Q180 MAC Question

It appears my Q180 (running Windows 7 Home Premium) changes MAC addresses on a regular basis (not sure if it occurs at reboot or other times). I observe this behavior by way of the AWIECO WakeOnLAN add-in that I use with my Windows Home Server 2011 machine -- it shows multiple unique MACs have been assigned to the Q180 client PC over time. It had increased to 5 unique MACs today.


I assume the Q180 advertises only one MAC at a time to the network and the WakeOnLAN utility is showing the history of previous MACs that it discovered as well as the current one. The other client PCs show 1 or 2 MACs (wired and wireless) and they never change, as would be expected behavior.


I have two questions: Is it normal behavior for the Q180 to change MACs (some kind of security feature)? If so, is there a way to prevent it?


BTW - I have not been checking the Q180 MAC via ipconfig only because the machine is used as a Media Center and I don't keep a keyboard and mouse attached so it's a pain to do. However, I will start doing that and comparing this MAC with the MACs shown in the WakeOnLAN add-in.


Any input is appreciated.

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Re: Q180 MAC Question

May or may not be related to this but what is you download speed? Is it close to what you're paying for? I have terrible download speed always under by 80% of what I should be getting? All my other computer are good?

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