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Incorrect Bios update on 3000K desktop makes it unbootable

by Retired Moderator on ‎09-29-2010 08:47 PM (1,933 Views)


My unit -Lonovo 3000 K100 57068352; Vista OS.


I downloaded and applied Bios; 2skg33a; released by Mar coGU; Release date 2009, 2. 27; based on Bios 2skg31a.  The download went smooth, and reported everything completed.  I rebooted the machine, and it will boot until the OS reaches the beginning of the start page, then recycles to the start and repeats in an endless loop.



Specifically related to BIOS update intended for 3000K series systems  - there are two versions and it is likely that the wrong version was applied.


Checking this page  on the support site and found there are 2 different bios available with different bios ID.


Flash BIOS update (BIOS ID: 2SKG)

Flash BIOS update (BIOS ID: 2SKT)


The release date is 2009-03-25, and the download link showed the text as 2SJG33A and not the one with K


It is recommended to check the paticular system BIOS ID before installing to ensre the correct ones are applied.  Follow the description on the support page for steps to check the ID.

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Every time I update the system it wants to install flash bios, I have this on the computer already although the block hasn't been updated since 2006 as I don't know what it is for and whether it needs to be updated. Can you tell me more about this product? I tried to bring it up in the knowledge base but couldn't access it.  For that matter I don't know the procedures about it  as well