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H500s: Can't Install Win 7 with "Not ACPI compliant" error

by Lenovo Staff ‎10-28-2014 07:53 PM - edited ‎10-28-2014 07:54 PM (5,429 Views)


I am getting ACPI BIOS BoS (Error 0x000000A5) during Windows Setup (XP,Win8), While one Win7 (32bit/64bit) it just restarts back Leonovo Boot Screen while tries to load the Setup GUI, or even with "BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant" error.


H500s-ACPI compliant error.png


I've tried to boot  with Hiren Mini Xp , Backtrack 3, Backtrack 4, Backtrack 5 all prompt error that can't get ACPI.

Every possible BIOS settings have been attempted but nothing work. The system can pass the memory test for 2 hours with no error.


You should try to get the latest BIOS version 41A or above to support Win 7 installation.

The BIOS flashing process is not easy and may cause other unexpected issues if you're not a techie to handle such situation.


Hence, please seek assistance from the nearest service centre by describing your issue in details otherwise engineers will not flash BIOS for you without a reason.

If you have the knowledge of flashing BIOS by yourself, kindly drop me a PM or check with our Guru or Moderator for more info.

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Paper Tape

Where can I get the BIOS version ?

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff

ZilaDev, it's explained in the article. You are highly recommended to get help from service centre or PM me.

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I'm looking for assistance with installing windows 7 on this model can you provide me with the correct bios that I need???

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Hello and greetings from Germany,


i need this Bios Update too, so dear Cleo_Lenovo please send me a copy please :-) .


Best regards




You guys can all fetch a copy from the lenovo support section of the site, enter the model number you are looking for, and select the most recent version of the BIOS available for your system.

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Hello i am a technician,

i need this Bios Update too for h500s, so dear Cleo_Lenovo please send me a copy please..


Best regards



thank you

Former Administrator




Please contact service for this request at this time.  We are working on a customer installable version for future release.



Fanfold Paper

Could someone please PM me the version 41A so that I  could install win7 on 10 Lenovo H500s for an IT Suite? Its quite crucial that i have this by next week as I am already running a bit behind my deadline? Please help!!

Fanfold Paper

I desparately need the Bios Ver 41a to downgrade H500s - I have been looking for it for a very long time now without any luck. It has proven out to be a right pain switching from HP to Lenovo. I need it quite urgently now as I have 10 desktop PCs that I need to get ready. Second option is to return these and go back to HP as at least I get a response from them!

What's DOS?

Please send me the download link for the Bios Update.