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Is DVD/Blu-Ray drive detachable on Q180 31102BU/CU/DU? -- IdeaCentre

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Started ‎07-19-2012 by
Modified ‎07-19-2012 by


The various promo videos seems to indicate the DVD/Blu-Ray drive on the BU/CU/DU models are detachable, but it is not mentioned anywhere.


Is it being powered by the USB?


Can it be detached into two separate pieces? How can I detach it?


The optical disk drive for the IdeaCentre Q180 is detachable and is powered by the USB.




One forum contributor shared the following tip:

"They are snapped together like the calculators, so you have to be a bit daring the first few times.  First remove the USB adapter on the back, then apply some shear stress on the two parts, and avoid applying force on the ON/OFF and eject buttons on top of the units while separating them. "